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Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of sportfish. Here are some of them.

Malaysian Angler's Website

has a list of many local species. You can click the "Local Fish" link to check them out.


giant snakehead

knife fish

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> How to catch Tenggiri Batang by casting and jigging in Malaysia

> How to catch Tenggiri Batang by trolling in Malaysia

> Big Tenggiri Papan in Malaysia

> How to catch Big Cobia in Malaysia!

> Using the high speed Halco Max 110 to catch Tenggiri (Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel)

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> Revo Rocket Family species Application

> Belida by-Catch - hooking up the clown knifefish (Chitala ornata -a.k.a. Clown featherback known as Belida in Malaysia.

> Toothy Delights - more on fishing toothy creatures, the narrow-barred spanish mackerel (tenggiri) and barracuda.

> Fine wire hooks for barracuda

> Single hook fishing for Pelagics


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 > The savage toman

>Some anglers believe solely in using treble hooks for lures, but do singles work well for hooking toman? Read about it here.

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> The ubiquitous haruan


Tackle Views and Reviews

Spinnerbaits in Depth

Revo Rocket Family species Application

Abu Garcia Revo Ike, first impressions (revised 2020)

Take a look at the new Abu Garcia Revo MGX2 and compare it with the previous MGX.

Active Response Drag Mechanism by Abu Garcia for Revo Toro baitcast reels. View the benefits in this video.



We need to protect and conserve our resources by practising catch and release of our sportfish and protecting the habitat of our fishes.


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