Revo MGX2

Revo MGX 2

Revo MGX2 HS

Revo MGX 2 HS








































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Tuning the spool bearings

The bearings are removed from the sideplate and spool.


The bearings are soaked in lighter fluid to remove the existing lubricant.


During the soaking, the bearings are spun to washout the lubricant.


Once the bearing has been cleaned, dried with all solvent removed, the bearing is re-lubed with my preferred bearing oil.











































Notice that there has been some changes to the clutch mechanism. According to the manufacturer it is now more durable with a better feel.































I prefer my drag system "wet". So I applied Cal's Drag Grease to the drag washers. For those who count max drag numbers, the max drag I get with this "wet" drag is 9lbs, just over 4kgs.

Cal's Drag Grease


I tested the max drag (wet) for my old MGX (though it's an unfair comparison as it is an old reel with a well worn carbon washer and spring washers), it maxed out at 5lbs, considerably less than the new MGX2 with the upgraded drag system.


Revo MGX 2 HS

Abu Garcia MGX2 (2017) compared to the MGX (2011)


by Christopher S.G. Tan

The first MGX became available six years ago, and now we have the MGX2, the latest version on a new base frame. Here are the differences between the new and old reels. Throughout this comparison review, I will not quote the official specifications as you can easily refer to the online catalogues and websites, but I will compare the actual measurements I take.

As mentioned earlier, it has a new frame and that gives it a slightly different look, with a tad more compact body. The paintwork is a glossy finish, whereas the previous MGX had a matt finish. The glossy finish is nicer to look at, but the matt finish gave a better grip.

Revo MGX vs MGX 2

The highest point of the MGX2 is about 1.5mm lower than the MGX, giving it a lower profile.
MGX 2 height comparison with MGX

The gear case is about 1.5mm larger.
MGX 2 Gear case


Interestingly enough, at the time of launch (2011), the MGX with the 7.9:1 ratio had the highest gear ratio of its class, and it was labeled as a SHS (Super-high-speed?) reel. The MGX2 (8:1) however is labelled as a HS (High-speed?) reel, probably because there are currently are Revo reels with 9:1 gear ratios. Hopefully there will be a higher speed MGX in the future too?


As you might have noticed, the gear ratio is slightly higher for the MGX2, however the RPT (retrieve per turn) is slightly less, as the spool diameter is 1mm less than that of the old MGX. The new MGX2 has a spool diameter of 32mm, whereas the old MGX has a 33mm spool.

Here's how you calculate RPT.
Spool diameter x ∏ x gear ratio = RPT
MGX → 33mm x ∏ x 7.9 = 81.9cm
MGX2 → 32mm x ∏; x 8= 80.4cm
In reality, as the line diameter on the spool is not filled to the brim, the actual RPT is less than the above calculations, but we use the spool diameter to compare the difference.

The MGX2 is about 10 grams lighter.
MGX 2 weightMGX 2 weight

The cast control is similar, using 4 IVCB weights/arms for centrifugal control.

The sideplate to access the spool now uses a different mechanism for removal. The old MGX needed to have a screw unscrewed before it allowed the the sideplate to be twisted off.
MGX Sideplate

The MGX2 uses a new system where there is a lever that is unlocked. This allows the sideplate to be lifted off (no twisting).
Abu MGX 2 Sideplate
Abu MGX 2 Sideplate

The fit of the sideplate is tight, so I push my thumbnail into the gap where the lever lock recesses in to initiate the removal. This raises a gap in along the sideplate edges and allows the process of removing the sideplate to proceed.


The crank handle is now a 90mm one. The previous MGX had a 80mm crank handle. I have always preferred a longer 90mm handle so I am happy to see this change.
Abu MGX Crank handle

The foam handle grips are also an improvement from the previous ones. The old MGX had edgy finger grips and I actually sandpapered the edges, rounding them off. The new MGX2 has grips that I am happy to use without modification.

The MGX2 has more bearings, 11 instead of 10. The extra bearing is placed to support the worm gear for the line guide, at the palming side.

The drag system has been upgraded from one carbon washer to a drag stack using 3 carbon washers. This will give better drag performance and durability.

Overall this is an improved MGX. Enjoy!

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