Bassman spinnerbait

Two-barred sebarau caught with a twin willow leaf Bassman spinnerbait.

Part 1 -

The spinnerbait head designs

Part 2 -

The blade types and combinations

Bassman spinnerbait caught toman

Toman (Giant snakehead) caught with a willow leaf/Colorado blade Bassman spinnerbait.

Channa marulioides or Emperor Snakehead

Toman bunga a.k.a. Emperor snakehead (Channa marulioides) caught on a Bassman twin blade willowleaf spinnerbait.


Spinnerbaits in Depth


By Christopher S.G. Tan

What is a spinnerbait? It is essentially a lure that comprises of two components that attract fish – a spinner and a weighted head with a skirt. The spinner is above the weighted head/skirt/hook and is connected via a wire that is bent at right angles. Because the hook rides point up and is protected by the wire bent at right angles, it gets some protection from weeds and branches, making it almost snag free for most snags.

Are all spinnerbaits equal? Ever wonder why they come with different blade shapes, sizes, number of blades? Why does the weighted head come in different shapes? Are these differences only for aesthetic reasons, to catch the angler or is there something more to them? Of course, there is a reason for the different patterns and sizes to the various spinnerbait components.

Part 1 - The spinnerbait head designs

Part 2 - The blade types and combinations

Part 3 - (coming soon) the wire and skirts

Willow leaf and Colorado blade spinnerbaits



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