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Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa



 Murchison Falls Nile Perch



Artificial lure fishing for Nile perch

Artificial lures for Nile Perch

Livebait for Nile Perch

Baitfishing for Nile Perch

Catching tilapia for Livebait for Nile Perch

Livebait gathering for Nile Perch

 Type of rod, reels and tackle needed to catch Nile Perch

  The Nile Perch Tackle - rods, reels, lines and leaders.













Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa

My Nile perch experience at

Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa


By Christopher S.G. Tan

The Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) is a big predatory freshwater fish found in the African continent. I have been fortunate enough to fish for them along the White Nile river below the Murchison Falls in Uganda, Africa.

Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa

Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa

The Nile perch here can be caught in various sizes from a small few kilograms to well over double digit figures.

Before coming to fish here, I spent a lot of time researching what fishing tackle I needed to bring. There were plenty of pictures and videos of massive catches, but not much on the techniques and equipment necessary. Now having had some experience, this is what I would bring and use on future trips.

Knowing what I know now, I can cut down on a lot of unnecessary gear. This is of course my own preference based on my personal style of fishing. Those with different styles of angling will have different preferences of tackle. It's up to each individual! I hope the information I am providing will be useful to those seeking out the Nile perch at Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa!

Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa

Some of the tackle I brought on my first trip.

Murchison Falls, Uganda, Africa

These big African carnivorous fish can be caught using bait or artificial lure fishing.

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Baitfishing for Nile Perch

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The Tackle for Nile perch - rods, reels, lines, leaders and terminal tackle.

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