Big Cobia



 Revo Rocket beast


 circle hook

 This cobia was caught using livebait and the size 7/0 Mustad 39951 circle hook.

 circle hook


 Halco Outcast

This small juvenile cobia was taken just off the seabed about 20m deep jigging a 40gm Halco Outcast jig.

Mustad Kaiju-Inline single hooks

This lure, the Halco LP120 or Laser Pro 120, a 120mm long minnow crankbait has done will for me on the big cobia recently. Lures with a chrome finish have been successful for the big cobia catches.

I put on the lure single hooks - size 2/0 Mustad Kaiju Inline single hooks and they work great!

Revo Rocket Beast

These fish were caught on light saltwater tackle. The reel was an Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Beast, and the rod was a 10-20lb Fenwick HMG rebuilt into a spiral wrap guide layout.

Fenwick HMG

The reel was spooled up with 20lb Berkley X5 braid.

20lb braided X5

The cobia doesn't have any razor-like teeth so wire is not essential. However mono leader is needed to take any abrasion from the fine teeth on the cobia's gums. With these big catches I was using 30lb Berkley Trilene Big Game nylon mono.

Nylon mono leader

These days I have gone back to using nylon monofilament for the leaders instead of the more pricey fluorocarbon monofilament leaders. Having spent several years comparing the bite rates of fluorocarbon vs nylon mono leaders for inshore fishing here, I can see no difference in bite rates between these two leader materials. So why waste money on a significantly higher priced leader material!

Halco Laser Pro 120

How to catch Big Cobia in Malaysia


By Christopher S.G. Tan

What hits hard, then pulls drag ferociously with endurance, then repeatedly runs hard before slugging it out with great stamina? The cobia! It can be found in all the different levels of water – shallow to deep. It is also found in open water or associated with structure.

Cobia (Rachycentron canadium) in Malaysia are caught with diverse methods. They can be caught using both bait and and artificial lures. More information about cobia can be found here at -
"Malaysian Angler's Website"

Click on the “Local Fish” link, then scroll down the page to the saltwater species list and click on the “Cobia” link.

Livebait and deadbait work, and cobia prey on all manner of marine food, from fish and squid to crabs!

Circle hook fishing for cobia

This cobia was caught with fish livebait just below the surface under a balloon in open water about 25m deep,. The livebait was a 12cm long selar (baitfish) bridled on a size 7/0 Mustad in-line circle hook (39951NPBLN ) about 2m below the balloon float. Go here for how to use circle hooks - "How to use circle hooks".

Jigging metal jigs is a good way of scoring cobia, and often they are caught with this method near the bottom or in mid-water. The cobia bites can occur in open water or near structure like reefs, drop-offs, FADs or even oil rig structures.

metal jig for cobia

metal jig for cobia

These two cobia were caught on metal jigs in the same area. They often come around in schools and when you hook up one, there will often be another following it. Toss a lure/jig to it, or better yet a livebait and you might get a double hook-up!

Cobia eat squid and trolling a skirted lure caught this cobia off the waters of Port Klang.

squid skirt lure caught a cobia

Cobia also can be found hanging around flotsam, as they prey on the crabs, baitfish and squid that inhabit the area around this floating debris. They can be sight casted with lures as they can often be seen at the surface or just below at times like these.

Casting or trolling crankbait around structure also works well for cobia. These two big cobia were caught in the same spot, on the same Halco Laser Pro 120 within an hour of each other. The size 2/0 Mustad in-line single hook also hooked up in exactly the same spot on the right corner of the mouth! The second was pretty much an identical catch except that the second cobia was a bit lighter in colour.

Rachycentron canadium

Rachycentron canadium

The video of the first cobia catch can be viewed here - "First Cobia catch video"

My biggest cobia to date was a very big 20kg cobia that hit a Halco Laser Pro 120, and ripped out the line continuously before it turned to run parallel to the boat. Fortunately my reel, an Abu Garcia Revo Rocket beast had a good line capacity of almost 300m of 20lb Berkley X5 braided line. The cobia took out almost half the line. Rachycentron canadium

This is very much the behaviour of the large cobia - making long hard runs - so having enough line capacity to handle the first long run is essential. Therefore the reel's drag system must be robust and smooth!

Cobia head makes great fish head curry! The firm meat is good for curries and stews. I also like it battered and pan-fried fish finger style as it is very tasty.Rachycentron canadium



We need to protect and conserve our resources by practising catch and release of our sportfish and protecting the habitat of our fishes.


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