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 Revo Rocket 9 baitcaster fish catches

My Revo Rocket Family of reels.



 Revo Rocket 9 baitcaster fish catches

Check out the first Rocket, the Revo Rocket 9!

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Abu Garcia Revo Ike

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Revo Rocket 10.1 catches

Revo Rocket 10 baitcaster – the  2nd generation Revo Rocket


By Christopher S.G. Tan

Five years later in 2018 I started using the Revo Rocket 10.1. This is a similar sized reel to the Rocket 9 but with a 13% higher retrieve speed - it has a full spool retrieval rate of 105cm per crank. It is amazingly fast and a lot of lures would blow out of the water even with just a medium cranking speed.

As it is based on the newer Revo Gen 4 frame there are changes to the reel.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket 10 baitcasting fishing reel

It has a “gull-wing” side-plate designed for quick access the the centrifugal brakes, an improved clutch system that feels more positive, and a different pinion gear and shaft system which is stronger. The line guide is further away from the spool for better casting distance and smoother drag pressure release during a fight.

Revo Rocket 10.1 Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag

The Revo Rocket 10.1 also comes with the new Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag system which is great as it makes for a more efficient, powerful and durable drag system. I have found in real life that it is better than the typical drag stacks used in the baitcasters across all brands.

Overall it had improved performance across the board. But the most important question for me was whether with the increase of gear ratio would the cranking power be up to par?

Revo Rocket 10.1 Halco Sorcerer 90 +4m

I found that this reel (stock 90mm handle) could still fast crank the same heavy drag lures as the Rocket 9 like this Halco Sorcerer 90 +4m. However the resistance is higher. It is high enough that if I had a lower gear ratio reel with more power with me, I would use that instead.

Revo Rocket 10.1 Bassman Spinnerbait Toman Giant Snakehead

This toman was caught using a spinnerbait.

I would not choose this reel as my all-round do-everything baitcaster (I use the old Rocket 9 for everything; it is my all-round reel). I would choose this reel specifically for super high speed retrieve purposes but if I do need to use it to crank a high resistance lure, it can still handle them. With same spool capacity as the Rocket 9, I would use it too for the same situation and species.

Giant snakehead, toman on Bassman spinnerbait

This reel excels where speedy retrieves are needed like when using this buzzbait for toman luring.

Bujuk, Channa lucius on Abu Island spoon

Having said that, my friend was using only this reel to crank the deep diving Berkley Dredger 20.5ft throughout a four day trip. He did not have any problems cranking this deep diving lure with this reel.

Toman Bunga, Channa maruliodes

For general purpose casting, I normally activate 3 cast control brakes. For more less air resistant lures and spoons I will use 2 brakes.

Giant Trevally on Halco Sorcerer 90

Though it does not have “winch” cranking power, this uber high-speed reel is perfectly capable of fighting fish, like this GT caught with a Halco Sorcerer 90 +3m! Fight the fish using the rod, not the crank handle!



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