Hampala bimaculata, sebarau Murum, Sarawak

Two-barred Sebarau

It seems to me that in Sarawak these Hampala bimaculata are found at higher elevations than the more common one-barred sebarau, the Hampala macrolepidota. In Murum dam they seem to be the sole sebarau species caught here. The elevation we fished in Murum dam was over 500m.










Abu Garcia Revo Ike







Fishing and casting for Two-barred Sebarau in Malaysia. Their shockingly hard strike and brutal fights next to structure make them a challenging fish to land as they readily open hooks and bust lines on the strike and fight to rub the lure off on structure!

Sebarau Hampala bimaculata

These two-barred sebarau have two dark blotches on the body, at the centre of the body and around the wrist of the tail. They are known as Hampala bimaculata. The more common sebarau which normally has one dark/black blotch in the centre of the body is the Hampala macrolepidota.

Sebarau Hampala bimaculata Halco Sorcerer 90



We need to protect and conserve our resources by practising catch and release of our sportfish and protecting the habitat of our fishes.


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