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Abu Garcia Revo Ike

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Abu Garcia Revo Ike - SHS review











Abu Garcia Revo Ike













































Abu Garcia Revo Ike - SHS first impressions review


by Christopher S.G. Tan

When I saw this reel on the internet I was calling this “the purple reel”. Then during a fishing trip when I saw it in person it looked green! Ike calls it a “flip flop” paint scheme, because it changes colours with the change of lighting and direction. I have seen it in purple, blue and green.....

.... EVA handle grips are round and flared at the ends. They are longer than the standard flat EVA grips that come with the other Revo Gen 4 reels. I find that the extra length allows for .....

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Abu Garcia Revo Ike - SHS review

This link takes you to my full first impression review of the Abu Garcia Revo Ike baitcaster

Abu Garcia Revo Ike



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