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Jan 25th, 2000 Here I am again, been very busy and have enough time to just squeeze a quick and short article on Catch and Release. in the Articles area.
Sept 10, 1999 After a long absence, I finally get to put in some new articles. Jeff has officially retired (he got bored) and as my knowledge of web building is zero, plus I've no scanner so there will be no new pics, just text. I can just manage to copy and paste in articles. If you want pics, then please do leave a msg in the guestbook for Jeff to see.

All the saltwater fishes have been re-written, they can be found in the local fishes link.

I am including my saltwater basic gamefish techniques, all 9 parts, which includes the Artificial lures for trolling offshore
. The other articles areTrolling artificial lures for gamefish,
, Strengths of hooks
, Maintenance of terminal tackle
, Wire leaders
, Shock and abrasion leader
, Live baits - getting them
, Live baits - the presentation
, The balloon rig
, and a new article about fishing for Toman in Bukit Merah, in the Articles area.
Feb 20, 1999 Finally, some updates after a period of silence. Added a new pictures to the Car Toppers Part 2, Part 3, and Screaming Drags articles.
Sept 12, 1998 Added a new article entitled Car Toppers part 3- the handling in the Articles area.
Sept 12, 1998 Added a new article entitled Car Toppers part 2- the equipment and accessories in the Articles area.
Sept 12, 1998 Added a new article entitled Artificial lures for trolling offshore in the Articles area.
August 9, 1998 Added a new article Screaming Drags! in the Articles area. Pics to come when Jeff put them in
Aug 1, 1998 Added a new page with links to our favourite fishing websites.

Nothing like the gleam of shiny new equipment to send you heading out to the fishing hole. These ultralight reels are small but deadly.

Catching 2kg Grass Carp on 1kg line is great fun, but choose your ultralight tackle and techniques carefully. Check out our Screaming Drags article.

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