The Elusive Sebarau at Temenggor Dam
Searching for the mighty Sebarau at a Dam. The author and friend find a motherlode of the elusive fish in the rainy season.

North of Port Klang
While trolling for Spanish Mackerel, author and friends hit a school of barracuda for an afternoon of energetic fishing.

Soft Plastics - Still going strong! Part 1 of 2
Soft Plastics - Still going strong! Part 2 of 2

The author and friends find new successes for soft plastics with Siakap and Mangrove Jacks.

Soft Plastics
A million and one uses for the versatile soft plastic lure, and it's effects on local fish.

What a Drag!
Servicing and replacing drags for optimum reel performance under pressure!

Success with a highly effective artificial lure!

Car Toppers
Ever wanted a boat of your own? These articles tells you about the different types and how to choose one.

Car Toppers, Part 2
What do you out fit your small boat with? Here are some suggestions.

Car Toppers, Part 3
Owning a boat is one thing, but handling it is another. Here are some tips.

Screaming Drags
The excitement of of hearing the drag going off while ultralight fishing. The dos and don'ts of ultralight pond fishing.

Artificial Trolling Lures
Trolling artificial lures for gamefish
, Strengths of hooks
, Maintenance of terminal tackle
, Wire leaders
, Shock and abrasion leader
, Live baits - getting them
, Live baits - the presentation
, The balloon rig
, Gamefishing is exciting and here are some basic tips for the tackle needed.

Bukit Merah Toman
Fishing for toman is always thrilling, check this out.

Catch and Release Tips
Its important to release the fish in the best possible condition, here are some tips.