Cyprinidae family, subfamily Cyprininae, genus Hampala van Hasselt. This is probably our liveliest sportfish! Weight for weight, I personally rank it as the hardest fighting freshwater fish in Malaysia!

Channidae family, Channa striatus Bloch. Also known as Snakehead, Sang Yee. Probably the most fished for predatory fish in our fresh waters near the cities and large towns.

Chanidae family, genus Channa micropeltes (Cuvier and Valenciennes). Also known as Giant Snakehead. This is a fiercesome looking fish, with a set of teeth to match. The character of the fish matches its looks, vicious! They have been known to grow over a meter in length, in excess of 20 kilos.

Grass Carp
Cyprininae, Genus Ctenopharyngodon idellus. Also known as Tongsan.

Cichlidae, Tilapia mossambica

Lampam Jawa
Cyprininae, Genus Puntius gonionotus.

Cyprininae, Tor tambroides. Also known as the Malaysian Mahseer.

A smaller haruan, great fun on light tackle.

A nice grass carp specimen caught at a local pond.

One of the elusive kelah caught in twilight hours.

Also known as Barramundi, Giant Perch, Sea Bass.

Megalops Cyprinoides. Also known as Ikan bulan, ox-eye tarpon.

Mangrove Jack
Lutjanus argentinumaculatus. Also known locally as Siakap Merah, Kakap Merah

Scomberoides commersonniaus a.k.a. Talang, Seliap, Tok Pekong Hu, Leatherskin

Sphyraena barracuda.

Rachycentron canadium.

Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus Commerson. Other names: Tenggiri Batang.

Giant Trevally
Caranx ignobolis. Also known as Mamung.

Black Marlin
Makaira indica.

Pacific Sailfish
Istiophorus platypterus.

Faith with a tarpon taken on fly tackle.

A good-sized pair of barracuda. Common in Malaysia waters but good fighters, nonetheless.

Three pretty fish, all in a row.

More species will be added over time. Feel free to suggest additions to the authors, or even to contribute if you have good write-ups and photos!