About great fishing spots in Malaysia

Temenggor Dam
Another popular freshwater fishing destination

This is one our largest dams (hydro-electric, only these dams are open to the public) in Malaysia. It is located in the northern part of Perak state, next to the state of Kelantan.

Temenggor dam is spilt in half by the East-West Highway. the highway links the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia to the east coast, from the state of Perak to to the state of Kelantan. The highway runs through an island in dam, Banding Island. This area is the only part of the dam with facilities like accomodation and fuel. Only the southern part of the dam is open to the public, the northern part is a restricted area.

Fishes found here are sebarau, toman, tenggalan, baung (catfish) & kelah (prohibited from fishing).

The rivers feeding this dam are smaller than those found in Kenyir Dam. Temenggor dam is different from Kenyir, as it is a deeper dam. The submerged rivers are located in steep valleys, therefore the river mouths in the dam quickly deepen. In less than 500 metres, the depth often exceeds 30 metres. This means that most of the fish are found in small areas, where the water is shallower. However, toman can be found all over the dam where ever there are submerged trees. Even at depths of 30 metres, they can be seen rising.

The steep banks of Temenggor dam make finding good camping spots difficult. Except for a few campers, most of the sport fishermen stay in resorts and chalets located on Banding Island.

These resorts do operate fishing charters, sport fishing packages and even camping/fishing trips. There are also a few independent charter boats available.