About great fishing spots in Malaysia

Kenyir Dam
Malaysia's most popular freshwater fishing destination

Located in Trengganu state, Kenyir dam is probably the largest dam in terms of area.It is the deepest dam in P.Malaysia with the largest water volume flow,that means.... very many rivers feeding it. It is a hydro-electric dam. The dam is less than an hours drive from the capital of Trengganu state, Kuala Trengganu.

With many large rivers feeding it, there are many good fishing spots in this dam. This dam is located in an area of shallow valleys, thus dam is shallower, providing more areas to fish in than Temenggor dam. Camping spots are easy to find here too. Trekking up these big rivers provides good river fishing.

Fishes commonly found here are toman, sebarau, baung (catfish), lampam sungai, kelesa (arowana), tapah (giant catfish) and kelah. This is probably the most popular freshwater fishing destination in Malaysia. A number of resorts are located on the waterside or on the water itself. First class to budget accomodation is available. Houseboats are common here too, with small punts available to fish out of. These house boats will take the fishermen right to the chosen rivermouth.